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Answers to FAQs and problems

Privileged intent provided is not enabled or whitelisted


Go to the Discord developer portal and enable the server members intent.


DiscordAPIError: Missing Access


The bot needs permission to create application (slash) commands. Use the invite URL generator and add the bot to your Discord server again.

Please install the package(s) for your selected database type: "mysql2"

Solution for Standard installations

In the bot directory, type npm i -P mysql2 and restart the bot.

Solution for Pterodactyl installations

If you are using the Discord Tickets egg:

  • Add mysql2 to the Plugins field on the server startup page
  • Restart your bot/server
  • If the issue persists, ensure you are using the latest version of the egg

For other eggs:

  • Try to find a field on the server startup page for additional NPM/Node packages
  • Add mysql2
Solution for PebbleHost installations

Go to the "Node Package Manager" page in the control panel and install mysql2.

The /panel command is greyed out


Some commands will appear disabled at first as they are limited to staff members. To be classified as a staff member you need to:

  1. Have created at least one category (with /settings categories create)
  2. Have at least one role that is assigned to one or more categories (roles)

What MySQL version does Discord Tickets support?


The bot is not tested on various versions, however it should work on version 8 of the MySQL Community Server.

Last update: October 12, 2021
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