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Standard installation

Self hosting vs managed hosting

Managed hosting is the easiest way to get your ticket bot running. If you already have a server, you should self-host. If you have no experience in hosting things and don't have a server, get managed hosting.

Managed hosting benefits and drawbacks:

✅ Benefits ❌ Drawbacks
Cheaper and better for the environment than getting your own VPS just for this bot You may need to wait a couple of days for your bot to be ready
No experience required, you need to do very little You no longer own the data
You don't need to worry about updates, it is done for you You can't make any modifications to the code

Learn more

This is the most simple way to install Discord Tickets.


To install Discord Tickets you need a suitable server (VPS or dedicated server) with:

  • At least 100MB RAM and 150MB disk space available
  • Git
  • Node.js v16 and NPM
  • A MySQL database (recommended)
  • Basic sysadmin experience (get managed hosting if you don't)

If you don't have a server, see hosting providers.


You should download the bot using Git to make updating easier in the future.

  1. Clone the repository
    git clone
  2. Install dependencies and generate your database encryption key with
    npm i --production && npm start
  3. Create your Discord bot application
  4. Copy the bot token from the previous step into .env, after DISCORD_TOKEN=
  5. For improved performance and to allow messages to be stored (so you can have ticket transcripts), optionally configure the bot to use MySQL.
  6. Add your bot to Discord
  7. Start the bot with npm start. You can stop it with Ctrl+C
  8. Configure your bot
  9. Complete this survey (please 🙂)

Note that you may need to use systemd, screen, or pm2 to keep the bot running in the background.

Last update: May 4, 2022
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