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Using MySQL

A MySQL database is recommended for improved performance and allowing you to have ticket transcripts/archives. SQLite is too slow to support storing messages.

Edit .env

  1. Set DB_TYPE to mysql
  2. Set the DB_HOST to the IP or hostname of your MySQL server
  3. If your MySQL server is not running on the default port, also set the DB_PORT
  4. Set the name of your database as DB_NAME
  5. Set the username of your database user as DB_USER
  6. Set the password of your database user as DB_PASS

Install mysql2

Standard and docker installations

npm i mysql2

Pterodactyl installations

If you are using the Discord Tickets egg, add mysql2 to the "Plugins" field in your server settings. If you are using a generic egg, add mysql2 to the additional node/npm packages field.


You can also try using maria, postgres, or microsoft, however only sqlite and mysql are officially supported. You are much more likely to encounter issues regarding the database if you use one of these unsupported databases.

Last update: October 11, 2021
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