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Over 90% of the questions asked in the support server have an answer on this website. Please read the documentation before rushing in and guessing how to install and configure your bot.

If you think you are capable you can install Discord Tickets on your own VPS (or get hosting if you don't have one), but if you'd rather have your bot magically work without needing to install and host it, get a managed bot. A managed bot is the easiest way to get a Discord Tickets bot.

I have a server I need a new host Managed hosting

Self hosting

Self hosting is recommended if you have experience with system administration. The standard and docker installation methods require a VPS or dedicated server.

Hosting providers


Discord Tickets is partnered with PebbleHost1 to provide cheap bot hosting (including the database).

PebbleHost's preinstall feature does the first few installation steps for you. This is the easiest way to install Discord Tickets if you want more control than a managed bot. Click the logo below1 to get started.


VPS hosting

If you prefer a VPS, try one of these recommended hosts:

  • Hetzner1 - An affordable German VPS provider (link gives €20 account credit)

Managed hosting

If you just want a ticket bot without the complications of hosting and updating it, you can get a managed bot - meaning all of the hard work is done for you. Buy hosting directly from the creator of Discord Tickets to get your bot running with minimal effort.

Self hosting vs managed hosting

Managed hosting is the easiest way to get your ticket bot running. If you already have a server, you should self-host. If you have no experience in hosting things and don't have a server, get managed hosting.

Managed hosting benefits and drawbacks:

✅ Benefits ❌ Drawbacks
Cheaper and better for the environment than getting your own VPS just for this bot You may need to wait a couple of days for your bot to be ready
No experience required, you need to do very little You no longer own the data
You don't need to worry about updates, it is done for you You can't make any modifications to the code

Learn more

Get a managed bot

  1. This is an affiliate link. You can support Discord Tickets by purchasing from the linked website. 

Last update: February 16, 2022
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