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General settings


Auto close after

Default: 12h

When provided, tickets pending closure will be automatically closed after the specified time. Tickets are pending closure when:

  • A close request is sent (with /close or the close button), it is not rejected (ignored or not seen), and fewer than 5 messages are sent afterwards.
  • A ticket is marked as stale after being inactive for longer than the Stale after time.

When paired with the Stale after option, tickets will be automatically closed when lastMessageAt + stalerAfter + autoCloseAfter > now.

Must be an ms-parsable format (18h, 2 days, 1w, etc). The value should be greater than 5 minutes, but 12 hours is the minimum recommended value.

Auto tag channels

Default: Specific channels (none)

Every (non-bot) message sent in the selected channels will be matched against tag regular expressions. The first tag that matches, if any, will be triggered, sending the tag content in reply to the message.


Default: true

When enabled, messages (including author data) are stored in the database for future reference. Avatars and attachments are also saved.

Please read the privacy notice for more information.


Members with any of the selected roles will be blocked from creating tickets and logging in to the portal.



Default: false

When enabled and claiming is enabled in the category, a claim/release button will be added to the opening message of tickets.


Default: false

When enabled, a close button will be added to the opening message of tickets.

Error colour

Default: Red

The colour to use in embeds for error messages.

The text to use in embed footers.


The locale (language) the bot will use for all messages. Note that this does not affect which language users see commands in.

Log channel

When provided, a message will be sent to this channel when:

  • Settings are created, updated, or deleted.
  • Tickets are created, closed, claimed, released, or updated
  • Messages (only in ticket channels) are edited or deleted

Primary colour

Default: #009999

The colour to use in embeds for most messages.

Stale after

When provided, tickets that are inactive for this amount of time will be marked as stale. This sends a message warning participants to resume the conversation.

This option can be paired with the Auto close after option to automatically close tickets after a period of inactivity.

Must be an ms-parsable format (15m, 1h, 1 day, etc).

Success colour

Default: Green

The colour to use in embeds for success messages.

Working hours


All fields are required, but by default, all hours are considered working hours, effectively disabling this feature. If a ticket is sent outside of the day's working hours, a message will be sent to notify the creator that staff may not be immediately available.